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Accessories BRN  Shoes Scarpe RX Mtb

BRN Scarpe RX Mtb-nero rosso Click to enlarge

€ 120,00

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Scarpe RX Mtb Nero Rosso Scarpe RX Mtb Nero Giallo Fluo Scarpe RX Mtb Nero

Product features

BRN XC mountain bike shoes combine high quality and comfort. The mesh inserts make these shoes very breathable and ventilated, the effect is further enhanced by the upper made of breathable synthetic fiber, in which the mesh inserts are integrated. The M250 soles are exceptionally comfortable and offer excellent grip in case you need to get off the bike, they are reinforced and have a TPU tread. They also have breathable and removable insoles. All the listed technical features, the Atop closure and the velcro, make the XC shoe a comfortable and technical shoe while maintaining an affordable price.

Colors available

1. Nero Rosso
2. Nero Giallo Fluo
3. Nero

Measures available

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