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Accessories BRN Bike Wear  Socks Calzini Corti

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Calzini Corti Nero Bianco Calzini Corti Nero Rosso Calzini Corti Nero Blu Calzini Corti Nero Grigio Calzini Corti Nero Verde Fluo Calzini Corti Nero Giallo Fluo Calzini Corti Verde Fluo Nero Calzini Corti Giallo Fluo Nero

Product features

Comfortable, dry and breathable: these are the strengths of the new BRN Bike Wear short sock, which thanks to the polyamide fabric allows the foot to remain dry and warm, eliminating the formation of bad smells and annoying irritations due to accumulations of sweat and chafing. The seamless design and comfortable cuff on the calf they give further comfort to the fit, making it pleasant and performing.

Colors available

1. Nero Bianco
2. Nero Rosso
3. Nero Blu
4. Nero Grigio
5. Nero Verde Fluo
6. Nero Giallo Fluo
7. Verde Fluo Nero
8. Giallo Fluo Nero

Measures available

  1. 39-42
  2. 43-46

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