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Accessories BRN Bike Wear  Shoes Scarpe Freeride Vibram

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Scarpe Freeride Vibram Verde Scarpe Freeride Vibram Nero

Product features

The BRN Freeride Shoes are designed to perform on all terrains! The choice of the Vibram sole, an Italian excellence that has always been a reference in making mountain footwear, represents the right compromise between stiffness - which improves efficiency while pedaling - and comfort in the stretches that are covered on foot. The special compound of the sole gives particular resistance to abrasion, excellent shock absorption and excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces, also thanks to the side studs that provide stability on the rocky terrain, while the upper in synthetic leather, light and water resistant, with two tears and a ratchet, best suits the shape of the foot to give maximum comfort.

Colors available

1. Verde
2. Nero

Measures available

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