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Accessories Knog  Lights Blinder Road 600

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Product features

The Blinder Road 600 features powerful 600 lumens of light output. Blinder Road utilises 2 LEDs each independently capable of 400lm of output or 600lm when use together. The LHS optic has 12-degree beam providing a spotlight which is perfect for fast riding on smooth roads. Whilst the RHS Optic has 32-degree beam proving a flood light which is best suited for use on slower rides or uneven riding conditions. The Blinder road is 100% waterproof with a rating of IP67. The light is charged via integrated USB, which means so it does not require additional cables to charge from a USB Port as well as no need for single use batteries. Utilising silicone to create the elastomeric strap combined with an over-molded polycarbonate clip system allows Blinder Road to adapt to the many various configurations required of cyclist's.

Technical table

Lumen: 600
Weight: 95 g
Dimensions: 73x30x53mm

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