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About Us

The shop Cicli Servadei, located in the heart of the historic center of Forlì in the Place of Duomo, exposes in its showcases a wide range of road bikes, mountain bikes and sport bikes to meet the needs of all lovers of two wheels, as well as a wide range of accessories and clothing.
There are also city bikes for men, women and children of various kinds and brands for all people who want to use the vehicle for other reasons: walking, travel for work or study, trip ... The shop, which was launched in 1949 by the family Servadei, provides to the customers the quality of its products and the reliability of a prompt and timely assistance.


Cicli Servadei
Piazza del Duomo, 7
47121 Forlì (FC)
Tel [+39] 0543 26996
Fax [+39] 0543 26996

Historical Shop

The Municipality of Forlì established by resolution C.C. n. 2 of 12/1/2009 the Register of Historical shops and historical Markets to promote the enhancement of business and craft testimony of entrepreneurial tradition and local market place.
Cicli Servadei is registered as it is in possession of the following requirements:
  1. the same activity for at least 50 years continuous, in the same room or in the same public area, although with names, signs, management or different properties, provided that the original features have been maintained;
  2. structural and functional connection of the premises and furnishings with the work done, in order to give the sense of an obvious roots in the time of the asset, the premises where the work is performed must have access on public area or on a private area burdened by the servitude of public passage;
  3. existence in the store and the furniture, both internal and external, of elements of historic, artistic, architectural and environmental, or particularly significant for the tradition and culture of the place.

Cicli Servadei Piazza del Duomo 7 - 47121 Forlì (FC) Italy
Tel e Fax +39 0543 26996 - Email - P.IVA 02550360404