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Registration bicycle

All cycles sales on our store are produced in compliance with European safety regulations:
  • UNI EN 14764 city bike and trekking bike
  • UNI EN 14765 young bike
  • UNI EN 14766 mountain bike
  • UNI EN 14781 racing bike

WHEREAS each bike sold by us is fully controlled and recorded, before putting it in the street must carefully adjust some basic parts: saddle, handlebars and pedals.
To do this use the following keys:
  • dumbbell with hex wrench 6
  • bolt saddle with key 13
  • pedal wrench 15

How to put the cycle on the road:
  • place the SADDLE and the HANDLEBAR no later than the indicated line: above the line positions could damage both the component and the frame
  • the PEDALS are identified by the words L = left (left) and R = right (right). The pedals must be then assembled in the respective left and right cranks with key 15. The left pedal must be assembled in a counterclockwise direction (turning the key 15 towards the front wheel) and the right pedal must be assembled in a clockwise direction (turning the key from 15 towards the front wheel). BE CAREFUL not to cause damage to the thread of the crank arm as will not be replaced under warranty
  • the TIRES are inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer (the value expressed in BAR or PSI is indicated on the side of the cover), this pressure should be checked regularly because if insufficient may cause perforation of the inner tube and the collapse of the wheels online
  • use the FRONT RACK and the REAR RACK to bring things and objects in the weights permitted: 25 kg capacity for the rear, 3 kg for the front

Some parts, such as brakes and brake levers screws, the handlebar screws, rods of the mudguards, etc., are galvanized therefore subject to possible rust if left constantly in contact with salt water and rain water.
We suggest you periodically (every 6 months or as needed) to control your means to keep it efficient.

Happy cycling!

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