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How to measure your crotch

The length of the legs, crotch, is the most important measure to be known for a perfect "fit" of the bike. It represents the vertical distance between the support point of the lower part of the ischiatic bone of the pelvis with the saddle and the ground. It is obvious that to ensure the rider an optimal working of the lower limbs, they must be respected the proportions between horse and size of the bicycle. The crotch will directly affect the value of the height of the saddle and the size of the seat tube.

To measure your crotch please have the following:

  1. a broom handle or similar stick
  2. a meter
  3. a pencil
  4. a second person who will help in measuring

Misura del cavallo
How to measure:
  • barefoot, in his underwear, legs straight, lean standing with their backs to the wall of a house wall holding the pencil in one hand
  • insert the stick between the legs, keeping it parallel to the floor stand up from the bottom upwards bringing it to the maximum possible extension (it must simulate the pressure of the saddle without exceeding)
  • when the rod reaches the intersection of the lower limbs (crotch), keeping it steady on the point that he reached the wall, the person who helps us will have to make a mark with a pencil at the point where the tip of the stick (upper part of the stick diameter) touches the vertical wall
  • with the meter measure how many Centimeters there are there between the pencil mark and the floor. This distance (value C) is a measure of your crotch

Advise you to repeat the procedure several times as each measure differs a bit from the previous because it depends on the point where you feel you have reached the intersection of the lower limbs, this point is not always the same as it is an area of the body relatively yielding.
The upward movement from the bottom to the top of the stick, after touching the intersection of the lower limbs, must continue a few millimeters and then stop, is not correct groped to pick up the stick with excessive pressure.
The value used for the exact measurement of the crotch is the arithmetic mean of the values that are repeated more frequently.

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